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Fungi in Finland and 
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Welcome to The Kingdom of Wild Fungi

On these pages you will find photos and information on mushrooms grown in Finland and Sweden. Some of the photos are taken in some other country, as I want to show that sometimes there is not so much difference between the world of fungi in countries that are located far from each other, on the other side of  the world.

When I started working on these pages some ten years ago, I didn't have any photos of my own on mushrooms. That's why I want to give credit to all those photographers, who have given me permission to use their photos on my pages, see List of Photographers. There you will also find information on copyright of the photos.

My photos are not always very artistic or beautiful, as my main purpose is to give as much information as possible on the characteristics of the species, to help the identification of the mushroom. Most of the photos (so far) are taken with an older camera which had no finesses.

So far, this Fungi Site in English is mostly a collection of photographs on mushrooms. Little by little you will find also written descriptions here . 

Each mushroom has its own page with a picture and sometimes an extra page with more pictures. First you have to choose the order by which you want to browse the pages: by scientific (= Latin) names, by scientific groups (Icons) or by Edible/Inedible mushrooms.

The scientific names are not always the current ones, as due to modern techniques, a.o. DNA, changes on classification of fungi are made constantly.

Reference list is to be found here.

Raija Tuomainen, Strängnäs, Sweden


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